[HELP WANTED] For Operation Duck On A Skateboard

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  1. Yes....

    The time is finally here...

    After Organizing with the top EMCers from all the servers... (Since me and Jeanzl have lived on all the servers well...)

    The time is now to launch step 1 in Operation Duck On A Skateboard...

    Currently we cannot release too much information but if you join us I promise...

    We will become billionares (In EMC) Well we will. You might become a millionare...

    O'well lets stop talking about rupees shall we?

    for step 1 we will need some people to deliver these item's to 509. (Not to be mistaken with 1783):

    Carrot's on a stick
    and other stuff.

    If you wish to bring any of these please PM me and we can talk about the price and quantity.

    For delivery there will be a teleporter for you guys in 509.


    Get an early look at 407 for only 10,000r! It's right behind 509 (Not to be mistaken with 1783).
  2. Why do I feel worried that said ducks might be blown up?
  3. And I wasn't invited!?

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  4. After Organizing with the top EMCers from all the servers...

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  5. Same.