[HELP WANTED] Building Elsa's Ice Castle

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by wonderwoman_16, Aug 1, 2016.

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  1. Hello EMC'ers! I am doing a very special project for EMC! :) I am creating Elsa's Ice Castle! But the thing is, the castle is so big, I am going to need help building it! So, it would really be kind of one of you guys out there could help me! Please private message me if you would like to receive the job!

    There are a few requirements I have for this, though:
    • We must finish this build in less then a week.
    • You must bring your own supplies (it is part of the pay.)
    • Have fun! :)
    Paying Standards/Supplies:
    First, we will talk about the supplies. You are going to need:
    • 2DC's of Packed Ice (the kind that doesn't melt)
    • Snow blocks (to build the floor, etc.)
    Now, for the payment standards.
    • Each day you work: 2,000 Rupees
    • Bringing Supplies: +500 Rupees
    • Helping out, and following standards: +100 Rupees
    In total, I will be paying 2,000 rupees everyday you work, and at the end you get the +600 rupees :)

    Thanks all!
  2. 2DCs of packed ice costs more than 500r. So the pay for bringing supplies is very low. And only getting paid 14,600r for a large project while doing it only in a week is also very low.
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  3. Well, you actually don't need that much. I did some construction, and I only have the roof left.
    -You will need about 2 stacks of ice, I have some to spare.
    -The pay has been raised to 5k.
  4. I'm very confused now. So we don't need to bring materials now? I thought this project was going to take a week. You did a weeks worth of work in a couple hours? 5k per day or total?
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  5. Wait, I know you're getting confused.
    Yes, now I have raised it to 5,000 rupees and I did turn a week into some hours.
  6. 5k per day or total? You have yet to answer that question. I still don't understand how a weeks work turned into hours, but I don't really care.
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  7. Well, I've decided to close the thread and work on my own..
  8. It's easier to understand if you don't understand it.
  9. Guys, stop complaining about the pay. Last month, I participated in helping someone build a fun chest hunt with some other players. I got no pay. It was just FUN. Everyone talked and had fun, placing the chests. I'm surprised HKro is paying some players to do some building. If you aren't interested, please don't comment and make others feel bad. :/
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  10. There was only one post in this whole thread directly complaining about the pay, so your plural use of "guys, stop complaining" wouldn't be valid. Plus, he's got a point, especially since in the beginning when this thread was made it was expected of somebody getting paid 500r to provide 80x that in their own materials. So, at the time of that comment, the way it was setup, you would have to basically provide 40k of materials for a 500r material pay. Maybe that isn't true now, but it was at the time of the comment.
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  11. From what I've seen, a DC of packed ice is around 25-30k. If we have to provide 2DCs of our own ice and only receive 14,600r in return. Doesn't that seem a little unfair? I was not complaining about the pay, I only brought up the point that it was low for what we were asked to provide.

    Anyways, I'm done here. If you want to continue this conversation, my inbox is open.
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