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  1. Ok so I vote when I can and what not but I have a question.. Ok so when you vote how long do you have to wait to vote again? cause obviously after 24 hours you loose your hole vote streak which sucks cause i have gotten to like 7 once and then forgot a day and lost it all xP so ya how long is it till you actually get to vote again?
  2. After 48 hours I lost mine... You vote every 24 hours :p
  3. I tend to vote at the same time (give or take half hour or so) every day...currently on a run of 95 :cool:

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  4. On topg you can vote every 12 hours
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  5. The voting is relevant to each site in itself and usually runs on a 24 hour cycle, so if you vote for one right now, you can't vote on that specific one for 24 hours. Each site's timer has no effect on the other voting sites and they all run separately.
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  6. Not anymore, you'll only get 3 (or 4) days taken off the first time you miss out :) Also, I think it's 30 hours until EMC takes away your streak
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  7. Planetminecraft.com and minecraft-servers.info have something set so you can only vote once every 24 hours. On the other sites it worked for me to just vote every evening, wether it was 10 or 7 PM when I did.
  8. The individual sites only allow each ip/player name to vote once per 24 hours. However, EMC allows you up to 30 hours to vote without it effecting your voting streak. After that, you lose a small portion of your streak per day that you miss. Not like the old days where I had a streak of over 100 and then missed 1 day and lost my whole streak. :eek:

    This is copied directly from the Wiki:

    'You have 30 hours from your last vote until your streak is lost, however, it does not completely reset, you will only lose several days if you continue voting after the missed period.'

    The Wiki page can be found here:

    Hope this helps. :)
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  9. this did a lot thank you :)