[HELP] Voters Armor Problem?

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  1. I came across a possible glitch in the system that made my name on my Voters Helmet different to as my name is written on my Voters Boots.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    I tried re-logging but the name stayed the same. Is this broken? :confused:

    Notice how the capitals on the Voters Helmet are suddenly gone? Confused. :confused:

    Thanks everyone. :rolleyes:
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  2. I think this might just be a formatting error.
  3. I see that. :p

    I just want to know if it has happened to anyone else, and perhaps if they are replaceable as I cannot rename it?
  4. Hmm ask Aikar he will probably replace it.
  5. Yeah my name on my chestplate was lowercase too, I just asked Krysyy to fix it.
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  6. Krysyy says it defaults to lowercase, looks like it is not just me it has happened to :p

    Having it changed now, I guess this brings the thread to a close.

    Thanks for the replies.
  7. oh... the code is using what ever you type into the Votifier box is the problem.
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  8. How many votes do you need to get for a reward??
  9. Check the Wiki, the armor is under promotional items, it tells you the streak you need for each piece. :)
    I thought I typed my name in capitals.. strange :confused:

    Helmet now has its name changed, thanks to Krysyy!
  10. Hmmm I also type by voting the "L" of my name capitalized, but all my voters items plus the certificate don't have it as a capital "L".
    [EDIT:] the same with my alts armor.
    And in the name of the certificate Empire Minecraft has the color &e but in the lore &6. As by other certificates I saw.
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  11. Exactly.. I do type my name as it is in game into the votifier :eek: One piece of armor complied, the other did not. Strange.
  12. some sites ignore case when sending. Its because even though case matters in minecraft sometimes, even when you change the case, the name is still taken.
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