[Help] Villager Book Trade Gone or not?

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  1. I need villager traders (especially experts) to give me some advice, please.

    I had a villager that had a good book trade, Efficiency IV, but after trading with it a few times the book trade changed to some book I don't care about.

    Will the villager Ever trade Efficiency IV book again?

    If so, how do I get my good book trade back?

  2. Probably not. If a villager switches trades but the type of trade is the same thing, I don't think you can ever get it back without eggifying and trying again. :(
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  3. What happened here is that the villager dropped the book level which in this case was IV, down to something lower. So you most likely have a level III book trade now. I'm afraid it'll never change back up, only go down until it reaches a level I book like Silk Touch, in which case it won't ever change. :)
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  4. Yeah it became Efficiency II book in this case.
    Will 1.8 help get Efficiency IV book back, or should I just egg him?

    Thank you for helping.
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  5. Yeah, even in 1.8, it won't go back up. :(
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  6. For future reference, if you get a villager with a good book trade it'll be best to save it because in 1.8 enchanted book trades on villagers will never change. :)
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