[Help!] Trying to find my tv's game channel

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  1. So I've played video games on many different types of TV's and know that the game channel is either on 3 or 4.
    Let me start with the basics...

    I have a Sylvania TV that my old neighbor gave to me when he was moving, he didn't have a remote to go with it.
    My cable is on channel 3 so the game channel must be 4 except I don't have that channel for some reason.

    My DirectTV box next to my TV has a little switch on the back that allows me to get channel 4 on but then channel 3 is not there until I switch it back. Channel 4 is then the channel for Cable.

    I've searched a ton for ways to get my game channel up since around December 20th. Most sites I've visited have you pay for "expert" advice to help. But I don't want to pay for something I could have someone help me with for free.

    My dad and mom have also tried to help me figure it out (as they work at century link) but were stumped as well. I have tried plugging my console into the red,yellow, and white cables on both the front, back of the TV as well as in my DirecTV box but none of them work.

    Any suggestions would be great. I'm not currently able to buy university remotes of any attachments for the TV though so diy stuff would be great.

    Thanks -Ches-
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  3. Never heard of a "game channel" before. Do you mean a console (PS4, Xbox, Wii, etc)?
  4. Is this an old TV? If so did you try the AUX channel? Bet thats it.
  5. Yea I meant the channel for my consles :)
    How do I get to that channel?
  6. try hitting the imput button on your remote?
  7. There isn't one :p

    Look on the TV somewhere and see if there is a way to change the input channel.
  8. what type of connection does your console have to the TV?
  9. itsmechespin, exactly what sylvania TV is it? Is the full product name somewhere on the TV?
  10. should have a menu or something that lets you ask different screens, atleast a vga one, also od tv's had more then one vga and many times the main one you see isnt the one that works on (insert the viewing channel here).

    i had one where the red and white plugs were on the side and the yellow one was the middle of three other vga ports
  11. If you're looking for a specific input called 'Game', not all TV's have it. It also depends if the TV is able to recognize that the connected device is a gaming device.

    Example: If you are using a HDMI cable to connect your Xbox 360 to the TV, the cable will recognize that this source is for games and will label it game. If your cable is broken, it might not show that.

    If I totally misunderstood your question, sorry.


    EDIT: If you have a receiver connected, try using that.

    EDIT 2: If all else fails, just go buy another remote from a RadioShack/Sprint store that is universal. Or look online.
  12. Is it possible to use a cell phone as a remote? Or is that only blue tooth.
  13. The red white and yellow cord things or is that not what you meant?
    Sylvania 32 monitor reciver?
    Menu button brings up "picture" "channel set" "language" "V-chip set up" "caption" "TV sound"
    A DirecTV recover you mean? I've tried to hook it up to that already :)
    A cellphone remote? How? I have a remote on my Wii u but that doesn't change the input mode
  14. a "game channel" is the mode your tv is in for it to display the console... way back when playstation was new you had to turn it to channel 3 and have the console plugged in and on and then it would display on the tv.
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  15. those are VGA cables, so I doubt you're looking for a channel on your TV but rather an Input. You said there is no remote and I know on some TVs the only way to change the input is via the remote. Look for any buttons on the TV itself that say "Input".
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  16. you could always google search remotes that work with that type of tv, maybe even one that is universal or something and go buy one.. read about how to get it to work with that tv and that might fix your issue.
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