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  1. Hey EMC!

    I haven't done much trading with villagers, but want to open up an enchantment shop sometime in the near future, and plan to do that via enchanted books. Being the villager noob that I am, I need some advice on how I'd go about this. I'm pretty sure I've got a basic idea on what I need to do, and have outlined the procedure for what I think I need to do. I've read up on trading on the Minecraft Wiki, but please let me know if there's anything I'll be doing wrong/inefficiently.

    - The white-robed villagers will give enchanted books for emeralds. So, spawn as many librarians as possible (eggifying the ones who aren't librarians).

    - Trade to unlock all of the trades each villager has. Basically, just buy the stuff at malls/use what I got from trading before.

    - Keep the villagers with a maxed-out trade. Label them.

    - Trade with the good villagers for the books. Whenever a trade gets locked, trade something else and wait a bit for it to be unlocked.

    - Then just take the books and put them on the items.

    So yeah... is that it? Thanks for your help,

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  2. That's pretty solid! Another thing to do is keep everything organized. And be patient, this pays off big but not fast
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  3. Patience is key.
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