(Help) too bad or not too bad?

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  1. When I log on I'm glitching through the blocks that I am/was on. I log off then back on and start falling all over again. The outcome if I continue to fall will not be good for me. Is this a problem on my side or the server? Can it correct itself? Must I fall? How is your day? Will Feral or Chris Farley?
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  2. Its working fine for me no lag or anything of the sort so it seems to be on your side. Or depending on what server your on it might be the server. If you do /tps and it says 20 theres no lag on the servers part.
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  3. This also happens to me occasionally, and it's on you're side! I suggest restarting minecraft and waiting for a couple of minutes.
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  4. It may be on my side. I have full bars though. I'll try the /tps if I can get it out in time.
  5. Last time I've returned from The End, I (was) spawned under my bed, I fell through stone into lava, burning and suffocating at the same time.
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  6. Did you get your stuff back? I am getting terrible wifi atm. so i'll wait a while.
  7. Yes, i managed to dig a tunnel and avoid dieing in lava ... thanks to high protection factor :)
  8. /tps will not show any difference ... it is dealing with server lag 'ticks per second' and aikar set it so it will be stable (That doesn't guarantee there won't be lag, though) ....

    However, what you're experiencing is client side lag ... meaning it shows you falling even though you are in the same place you were before you logged out. This sometimes can't be fixed but to wait it out ...

    It is normally caused by not enough RAM, your graphics card not handling the settings you have (i'd recommend maybe lowering your settings from fancy to fast, and reducing chunk load distances in video settings) ... and lastly it also deals with your internet, it might not be the grandest so just be patient.

    ps.) it also depends where you're falling ... if you jumped below bedrock you will fall forever ... just /town or /tp somewheres to get out of the void
  9. probably
    wait it out and see if it works
    don't think so
    fine, i guess
  10. I don't think client side problem should be able to cause that.
    Server checks every movement, so falling through solid blocks just like that should not happen.
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  11. OR, you could tear your hair out and scream at the internet company for a few minutes.
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  12. Or that ;)
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