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  1. Do you enjoy Empire Minecraft? Want to help us out for free?
    Just visit this site and click the blue Vote button (on the right):

    You don't have to sign up or make an account or anything. You can vote every 24 hours. Thanks Empire :) and stay tuned for a large residence improvement update later this evening.
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  2. Sweet, will do! :)
  3. You got my vote! ^^
  4. Voted babay
  5. I voted. :)
    I am excited by this teaser as well:
    I will be around later this evening, gonna go watch Crazy Stupid Love before I have to return it to RedBox... :)
  6. Evening for You = Afternoon for Me.

    Wait, EMC is like, the 4th best server in history? An understatement, I'm sure of it. Miscalculation, definitely.
  7. Crazy. EMC is not the 4th best server in history. it IS the best server in all history
  8. Yes, that is sort of what I was getting at in my previous post...
    But I'm glad you agree!
  9. Btw yes i voted for you guys. why wouldnt i?
  10. Sweetness, I set up an alarm to remind me to vote every 24 hours. Can't get enough of the Empire!
  11. I voted
    Thanks Justin and Jeremy!
  12. i dont get it what did he mean by "large residence improvement update"
  13. oh wait he was talking about this yesterday lolol
    i dum hes going to (bleeped out) <--- secret
  14. I think it means we get a nice surprise tonight :)
  15. i know, justin was talking about what it is exactly yesterday so i think i know what it is.
    can i plcae a bet, if im right do i get rupees for it lol
    im joking about the bet
  16. Wait a minute... You mean there are servers other than EMC!!!
    When did we allow that?
  17. You got my vote! i LOVE this server!
  18. I voted, But Now I fear I will never get on, went to got on right now and its 50/45, Many people in tutorial I assume, well time to go get a paypal acount. (-_-)
  19. We are adding more servers soon :)
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