[HELP] The Computer Nightmare

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Based on the information below, what you think is causing the problem?

The Windows Installation disc. 1 vote(s) 16.7%
The Hard Drive 4 vote(s) 66.7%
Something Else 1 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. It's been active for 2 weeks: attempting to reinstall Windows on my computer. But, my family has tried several times, and it never succeeded:confused:. Now, I want answers from those that know a lot about PCs to solve my problem.
    Here's a summary of what this unknown problem is affecting:

    It appears to be that on any version of Windows, like XP and 7, have a similar problem:
    *Searching though the files on any storage drive, takes extremely longer than normal. In any video game, loading any graphic user interface, or GUI, causes a lag spike to occur. Although, the framerate outside of the delays isn't effected at all.
    Any attempts of reinstalling Windows takes over a day.:oops:

    On Other Operating Systems
    I have another operating system called Ubuntu, which is like Linux, and it's not even affected by the issue in anyway. However, it laks support from software developers.

    Now that you got an idea about what's going on, please post your thoughs or vote for your choice above. If we can solve this, I'll be able to play on the server again!:)

  2. Get your hard drive with all you storage and trash the rest and then get a new computer, that's my vote
  3. You can't just keep adding operating systems and expect it to work efficiently, you need enough ram to run on either partition. Also if you're trying to re-install windows, you need to make sure it's not conflicting with the already running partition... if you're already using multiple partitions on a hard drive - try loading up computer while holding alt - so when it loads you can select which operating system to use... then once you have windows selected and loaded, then you can try to do a system restore if you're having problems.
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  4. It seems to be your operating system (Ubuntu) is causing the problem or you don't have enough ram the have many operating systems... Set your computer to factory settings (back up everything first)...
  5. We already got rid of everything on the hard drive.
  6. Trash teh thing
  7. My family only runs Ubuntu though a flash drive, and we had only use it to wipe all data of the on hard drives.
  8. if all the data is wiped then try a fresh install....i dont see how a fresh install would have ram problems. does your computer have an integrated graphics card? sometimes those just die
  9. Yes, my computer is using a Gforce GPU. I think it's a 560 series which is far more advanced than some of the other parts. I also know that it was brought unused last year. Although, to get the effect of it, there has to be a driver installed. I don't know for sure if this means that the graphic card is not an integrated one.
  10. integrated would mean its included in the motherboard, you dont have one. hmmm, why not just run through linux?
  11. There're games on Steam that can't run on linux. It would be unfair for my brother since all of the games he plays is though Steam.
  12. i'd suggest making sure all the drivers are up to date and none of the resources being used are conflicting, if it was new last year and it's doing this then i must ask if it has ever ran without this problem.
  13. You got a point right there. The motherboard is probability the oldest part inside of my computer. If it's is causing the problem, then it won't be until Christmas when it gets replaced.:oops:
  14. its a hard disk problem, it happened on my other computer all you need to do is get a new hard drive, pop out your old one create a 'fail safe' disk then pop in your old hard drive
  15. I'm not certain that your advice will fix my system. My father is now trying to install Windows 7 32-bit instead of 64-bit.
  16. well, idk that's what happened to my computer