[HELP] Texturepack fixing & Map doing

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  1. Texture Pack:

    Could someone upgrade this Texture pack: Feather Song
    Some 1.4 things don't show(pumpkin pie,anvil & others) and some mob skins are broken ( Spiders, Zombies ) It doesn't need to be the same as the Texture pack it could be from default one or any other pack. I just want those to show. I tried to do this and I just messed it up. Please do! :p


    I'd like if someone turn this desert temple so it looks towards the village not the jungle.
    Seed: -671258039


    ^- how the temple thing should be. (The entrance looking towards the village) ( Should be easy with MC Edit if I knew how it worked.. :p)

    Coordinates: X: -359.78
    Z: 260.74

    This seed was from a 1.2.5 world when I started and it has NINE(9) Diamonds in the blacksmith chest!!!!!! I was like hmm why not re-create it on 1.4.4? and BOOM a temple was there,the diamonds and everything sadnstone! :)
  2. I might pay Rupees... :p
  3. You can download your new world here.
    All I did was selected the area, did //expand vert, did //cut, did //rotate 180, then //paste.
  4. I guess I had downloaded an older version,even though it said 1.4.4

    I'll see the map tomorrow or in the week as I can't right now.

  5. No problem :)