[HELP!] Texture pack help!

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  1. I'm in need of some help.

    I've been putting together a texture pack myself(three or so packs and my editions) and there's something that I don't see to get right...

    It's the pack.png. I got mine 128x128 pixels and supposed and it's named 'pack' it's on the right place yet it doesn't seem to see it, when I see the screen face thing it shows white square


    EDIT: Bigger problem; it's showing white texture instead of the transparent part :/ I don't know how to make it transparent (Flowers,torches,etc)
  2. Are you sure that you are using the correct format?

    Like I think PNG doesn't suppoer transparency, or is it jpeg?
  3. I haven't changed the format of them, I just edited the items.
  4. How? On Paint you don't get any transparency so try Gimp
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  5. Just as ninjatttila said. MS Paint cannot make transparency. Use gimp, it can do it. You can download it for free like on chiponline.
  6. What about the thumbnail not working
  7. Use Paint.net if you are just looking to clear out the transparent areas. Gimp is great, but a bit overkill for the situation.
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