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Is it worth it?

Yes 10 vote(s) 90.9%
No 1 vote(s) 9.1%
  1. Can anyone please explain the process of becoming a supporter to me because I have been thinking about doing so.
  2. upgrade.emc.gs

    You pay the amount of your supporter package, and as soon as the payment is sent your account will be upgraded. (log out and back in for changes to take effect)

    All the info is at upgrade.emc.gs. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for considering becoming a supporter of EMC ;)
  3. There really isnt a "process" If you go to the upgrade page you can choose which supportership level you would like. It then takes you to paypay where you buy the first month and it sets up an automatic payment thing unless you want to cancel that. It is definately worth it for the perks you receive.
  4. It's a nice add-on, but doesn't matter if you get it or not, it's just nice extra perks :)
  5. i think that it is a great investment of my (parents) money :p
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  6. 1) Have a philosophical conversation with your dog about the pros and cons of supportership (if no dog is available, then any wall [preferably brick] will work)**
    B) Tell yourself you don't want to waste $5, $10, etc...
    3) (If step 1 was completed successfully, proceed to step 5) Repeat Step 1 until you feel the dog [or wall] has demonstrated knowledgable information about the topic
    4) Pull out credit card if available
    5) Select what supporter and pay
    6) Continue your daily antics

    ** Never have this conversation, under any circumstances, with a cat
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  7. thx
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