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  1. HELP:
    so I finally got a hold of my dad to change the transaction thingy for my supporter thing;
    we don't know what to do. Also if the email has already gone out then its been deleted from my junk inbox.

    to combat this I would suggest having two emails for EMC.
    the first one would be for alerts and convos ect...

    but the second would be for important updates (such as that email) and major things.

    this way you could junk all your spammy threads, but when the time comes you would be notified.

    also this is really late for me so please excuse that monstrosity ^^^
  2. going 2 bed. probably wont hear from me til morning
  3. -_- morning bump
  4. I'm a little confused over what you're asking here, do you mean the email for Support Subscriptions? If so, that should have gone over already.
  5. Are you saying you lost your paypal transaction ID?

    If you start a conversation with IcecreamCow and I, we can help you out.
  6. we are just lost in how to do it.

    and the email went into my spam filter.
  7. How to do what? What you are trying to do here?
  8. we are trying to auto pay my supportership. like it was before.
  9. I have started a PM with you. Please let us know what you'd like to do, and we will try to help you out in what ever way we can. :)
  10. It should still be automatically recurring unless you clicked the cancel button.
  11. You do not need to do anything as said in the original post. It was a notice, not a request for action.
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