Help, Starmade Problems

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Jay2a, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. I can't get my space ships to fly on Starmade. They will not do anything. I can get in my space ships and look around with them, but it just won't fly. I have thrusters, and they're attached to the ships I made, but it doesn't change anything. So I need help.
  2. do you have power supplyer thingys on it
  3. how big is your ship the bigger it is the more thrusters you need
  4. No matter how big or small my ship is, it still won't fly.
  5. are the thrusters pointing in the right direction. do you have enough power cells. try removing extra stuff that require energy. the more cells and blocks you add you will need more thrusters.
  6. Thrusters are pointing the right direction, and I'll just add as many power cells as thrusters.