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Is your teacher sabotaging you?

No 14 vote(s) 77.8%
Yes 4 vote(s) 22.2%
  1. Hey EMC. Every day at school, one of my teachers seem to 'hate' me or doesn't want me to pass. Everyday I got homework, I do it and turn it in. But when it comes to the day when grades are checked. My grade book is empty!! And I get the same response; "I lost it". And no its not me losing it. I turn somthing in and she 'loses' it over and over. I ask my friends and only two of them have the same situation. So today I had a assignment where we make a label for a lemonade can and my friends all liked it!! So I turned it in and now we vote for which can we want. But today i had P.E. and next thing you know ITS MISSING. And if I got picked i got extra credit big time. All I did was complain and suffer. It's like she has no emotions, no feeling, no nothing. What do I do!? If my teacher keeps this up I'll have to restart school becuase of her it.

    If only it could all stop :(
  2. Report it to someone at your school. Many schools (at least here in England) have a place called pupil support. If you have one, you should go there and explain the situation, and see what they have to say. I would suggest contacting someone at school about it with authority or who you think can help. I hope this helped!
  3. Not my school but maybe the office or counselor. But I don't want to look like accusing
  4. Both of those could be good ideas - I understand that, but if you tell them exactly what has happened, they can look into it further and keep an eye, your education should not be put on the line like that.
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    Well the fact is, you do have to accuse her because if not, then its only hurting you, and others she's harming at the same time... Next time you do a homework, take a picture of it or something.
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  6. I might take a pic which my friend StarRock13 said she is another prob
  7. Whilst you should definitely complain about the fact that your papers aren't being counted, I wouldn't say that she is purposely trying to get you not to pass. Is she often more unfair to you than other people? Is she sometimes mean to you? If so, THEN I suppose you could complain about that, but...
  8. I would be documenting all of my work and making duplicates before turning them in. There is no reason for a teacher to ever do anything like that more than once, ever! (anyone can make a mistake)

    I would get parents involved as well and not allow myself to be a victim.
    If you have proof that you are turning things in (photographic or copies), then you will not be accusing, you will be stating fact. If parents are involved and see the work completed, then let them help handle it.

    It will become too much of a problem for the teacher and they will take extra steps to ensure that you can not make any more trouble for them.

    It's pretty sick to think that a teacher would treat a student in that way intentionally. It needs to be stopped.

    I would ban them if they did that on EMC.
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  9. Not to say I hated my teachers, but I got 3 of my teachers fired for unfairly treating or not fairly teaching students ... We are there to learn and pass - not be criticized and taught wrongfully.

    Firstly, i'd talk to your principle or vice principal (if one of them is 'mean' talk to the other) ... if you have a counselor, speak to him/her .... if you aren't able to speak to any of them ... talk to your teacher herself .... or if no one in school is able to talk to you, or you feel, I suppose intimidated ... try speaking to a family member, and have them go to the school with you by setting an appointment, and speaking to the principal.
  10. Fortunately for me I go to one of the best private schools in the city and my teachers would never do this.
    Honestly if this were me I would...
    Make a copy
    Get a higher authority and parents involved
    ...and if you get the chance, humiliate them in front of your entire class...
    I wouldn't suggest doing the last, but I just think like that.
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  11. I have a teacher that does this to 50% of my work in one subject I'm pretty sure its unintentional but yeah its very very annoying :mad: I'd talk to someone at the school that you feel will trust you or a family member
  12. Photo copy your homework and have your parents sign and date the homework dude. Simple
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  13. This is ultimate strategy. And if she acts like she "forgot it", you easily have proof and could just get her fired, lol.
  14. Ugh, I have a science teacher exactly like this. Imagine this:
    *turns in sun brochure the day it's due*
    *sees a 0 for that project*
    me: Hey Mr. Science teacher. I turned this in, but it says I have a 0.
    *no response*
    me: Hey Mr. Science teacher. I turned this in, but it says I have a 0.
    Mr. Science teacher: What?
    me: I turned this in, but it says I have a 0.
    Mr. Science teacher: Then you didn't turn it in.
    *big arguement*
    *finds the brochure in stack of papers*
    me: here it is.
    Mr. Science teacher: Alright.
    --Next day--
    *checks grades*
    *sees an 80/100, notes say late*
    Me: Mr. Science teacher, It says this is late, but I turned it in the day it was due.
    Mr. Science teacher: I guess not.
    Due to this, my science grade is 18 points lower than it should be -_-
  15. If what you say is true. Where I come from, in NZ, that teacher would be fired, and barred from ever teaching again anywhere. And IMO, that is not over reacting. For a teacher to deliberately harm a childs learning like that, and lieing about it, is like a doctor deliberately making a patient sick. It's narcasistic.

    But I'm guessing there, teachers do whatever they like at the expense of the child.

    What Todd said. have someone witness it, get as much proof that you are doing it as you can. When the teacher does it again, you take it to the principal, or the board if need be. (Really, your parents should be dealing with this)
  16. Thats why New Zealand is a great place :p (My uncle and grandpa live there)
  17. I had a teacher who kicked my bag, books, pencil box, etc around on the floor daily. She made fun of me and pretended to my parents that she was perfectly fine. What a lie. When she was around my parents she smiled at me but when i was in class she smirked. I wish i was in NZ.
  18. Report it to the principal, but it is very important to not exaggerate any facts, or your credibility comes into question. But it is important you bring this to your head of school's attention. In the words of Elie Wiesel (Nobel Peace Prize winner) "Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."
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  19. honestly speaking this is why classrooms - not just occasional hallways should have camera's ...that way there's always proof of things ...and more safety for everyone.
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