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  1. Can you add a sell price to chestshops that use the [Slot 1] domain on the last line? I would think that this could be possible, but I don't get how exactly the shop would be secure for that one specific item to be sold to it without someone being able to sell something like a piece of dirt to you for 1100r. :p

    If someone could tell me what to do with this, that would be great. Thanks
  2. I believe it's not possible.

    ALSO; I got a voucher book of 1k from you!
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  3. Have you tried
    S 1100
    [slot 1]
    And put a dirt piece on slot1?
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  4. That's right I remember those days :p. I do believe I payed you though, that day was crazy and I basically paid everyone who showed up 1k + :p
  5. But you haven't paid me D:

    I got it like 2-3 days ago at a drop party and you've not been online cause I've done /p every day.
  6. The shop system as far as I know always warns you if you are about to buy a customized item. So you could just rename a stack of dirt to be red text saying "DO NOT PURCHASE - OUT OF STOCK" so when someone goes to buy from it they will see that in chat.

    There could be an easier way though, haven't messed with SLOT chests much yet.
  7. Check your rupee history on the forums or let jug do it then he can send you a snapshot
  8. Huh I didn't give no one no drop party voucher signed by me. Whos party was it from? Mail it to me and I'll look at it this weekend, see if its authentic. If it is I'll pay you.
    Thanks Jeffrey as well, I'll try it and keep experimenting.
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  9. I did.
  10. Not quite getting what you're saying, and I'm not sure what the dirt is all about really. What I'm trying to do is be able to add a buy option to a [Slot __] chestshop without someone being able to go up to it and sell it a piece of dirt or something crappy for the shop's buy price.
  11. Oh, that's easy, just don't let it buy items. If your question is about how to make it so it can buy items without allowing people to sell it unrelated items for a high price, fairly certain that isn't possible.
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