Help! Shop Values? (Suggestion)

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  1. Hey guys.

    I have quite a lot blocks in my chests just taking up room. So I thought about opening a shop that would clear my space up a bit as well as getting a nice income.

    But when I thought about prices, my head just blew up!

    I don't really know what the value of 1 'Rupee' is.

    It would be great if some one came up with a template that we all can follow.

    About 5-6 years ago I used to play a game called Habbo Hotel. (It's changed it's name to just Habbo now) You was able to trade on this game. A website was available that had one of these 'trade templates' that I'm talking about.

    So let me start off this template so you all can understand where I'm getting at.

    You start off with an object that is very common and work prices around that.

    I'm going to start it using Wood as I think this object will be the best choice.

    I don't know the average prices so if a veteran could help me out that would be great. Let's say that a stack (x64) of Wood is 100 Rupee's **For example. A nice round number**

    You then start to branch off with the stack of wood being the key object.

    x64 Dirt = 0.5 Wood (50 Rupee's)
    x64 Sand = 1 Wood (100 Rupee's)
    x64 Cobblestone = 1.5 Wood (150 Rupee's)
    Lava Bucket = 5 Wood (500 Rupee's)

    As you can see. You can setup a nice structure where people can understand their values.

    I'm not saying people have to follow the value's as if it's a rule. Because I'm not. I'm offering a service that I think would benefit new players (like me!) to get familiarized with object values. And reduce people scamming with over priced objects.

    Please feel free to comment your suggestions on this.
  2. I forgot to add.

    You can also add a high valued object to the template.

    **Like I previously said, I don't know values myself so this is just an example.**

    Let's make a Diamond the high valued object.

    So working around this formula:

    Diamond = 100 Wood (100,000 Rupee's)
    Wood = 0.01 Diamond

    x64 Dirt = 0.005 Diamond
    x64 Sand = 0.01 Diamond
    x64 Cobblestone = 0.015 Diamond
    Lava Bucket = 0.05 Diamond
  3. Basic standing point I use is half the /store price, or a competing price with other sellers.

    Edit: Liz says it better.
  4. There is already sort of a template for the prices of items: The Town Store. :)

    The Town Store's prices are extremely high to allow players to run viable shops, but the prices definitely suggest a starting point for player prices.

    I always use half the Town Store prices as a sort of maximum player shop price. There are exceptions of course, but it's a good place to start. Then you can adjust that price based on how great your supply of the item is, along with how quickly you want to sell it all. The more you have the more you can lower your price, and the faster you want to sell it all the lower you want your price to be as well. After your shop is running for a while, if you have a consistent shop, you'll get a feel for the demand and you'll want to raise or lower your prices to suit that demand.

    Also, I don't think overpricing items is anything like scamming because no one is forcing or tricking anyone into clicking on any shop signs. It's a choice, and with the booming economy in the Empire right now, almost any item is available somewhere at a reasonable or even a very good price... it just takes some shopping around to find those deals.

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  5. I always laughed when I hear people saying that someone's prices are "ripping them off" or are a "scam". It's like those payday loan stores we have here. They give you a loan right now for like $400.00 or whatever and if you don't pay it back within a week or two, they tack on like 300-400% interest or something nuts like that...but in the beginning, you signed the contract agreeing to that. I've seen people get those then complain that the prices are a rip off and they're getting scammed. I'm like, "No...they have horrible prices, but you agreed to pay them."
  6. What kind of gangster loan sharks are you getting your money from?