Help Sheep and Cows Disappearing in my res

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Nyjakx, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Hi, In the past two days four sheep and countless cows are disappearing from my res they are in an inescapable pen and the only way for them to get out is by jumping 6 blocks. Any suggestions?
  2. Animals in minecraft are very buggy. I usually keep them in a hole and cover the hole.
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  3. animals are buggy, i think they are pushing one another into the walls and suffocating to death. there is a good way to stop this, by having water around the edges in a specific pattern. I cant remember where the link is but it looks like this

    D = Dirt
    W = water source
    w = water flowing




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  4. Thanks ill try to do that
  5. Oops, we discussed this in a non-public forum for whatever reason.

    The result looks like this:

    and works really well.

    To get in and out:

    # = door
    d = leave out if you have problems hitting the door frame on your way out


    Obviously the walls can be made out of any other solid material and the floor can be too if the pen is not for sheep.
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  6. I actually use a ladder to climb out, seems to work well as well (i can swim to it) that way I can have the animals in a pit rather than a large room.

    Ah, was it in the supporter forum? I couldn't remember who posted it either lol

    I haven't lost any animals since using this water method, should defiantly book mark this or sticky it for 1.2 animals - though they'll probably change it in the next patch and we'll have to find another way :)
  7. That helps a lot thanks
  8. This was a great help, I really appreciate it when people share ideas
  9. Does the room need to be all the same size or can it have one room bigger then an expasion on it.. I dont really know how to explain it :l But i tryed ^_^
  10. My animals get glitched and jump out.Same goes for Trev149 who lives next to me (Dude, If you ever see this I have 5 mooshrooms,10 chickens,and like 1000 cows and sheep.)
  11. does this work
  12. Yeah just tryed it.
  13. That helps a lot more than a picture
  14. Is this in the server?
  15. It appears as if he is on single player
  16. k
  17. Nope, video was done online, but on a local server (to control weather, time of day, and spawn in the mats). I noticed that there is no indication after I recorded it. If I had noticed earlier, I'd put a /version in or so...

    An open-air pen of this type can be visited on my res 10639 (smp5), southwest corner of the lot. Feel free to jump in, but you have to teleport out ;)

    PS: BTW: I also did a rather extensive voice commentary. Funny thing is that Bandicam recorded "what-you-hear" instead of "microphone", even though I don't even have a "what-you-hear" recording source in my sound settings. Lesson learned: After changing a system's sound card, not just adjust all programs' settings, but re-test them, too.

  18. I feel sorta bad for you with your commentary!