Help S.O.S (Need Admin)

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  1. So me and Charip made a nether portal at our outpost. We went inside it and it took us to the Nether (duh). So we turned around and looked and then just went back because a ghast was firing at us. When we went though the portal. It took us to s strange cave with a ton of chests Locked Icecreamcow and some headcock guy. We have no Idea where we are or what this place is. Please Help... 2013-08-17_11.35.49.png
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  2. You simply are experiencing the joys of nether travel. You entered the nether near someone elses base, and now your nether portal links closer to theirs instead of your own.

    You could be quite a bit of distance from your base now... (upwards to 500+ blocks)
  3. And the ICC locked chest?
    Huge coincidence I guess lol
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  4. Sooo. Charip said I was about 700-800 Blocks out. Im at bedrock level in some strange cave. I cant log back in as I only have 1 Hunger left. I have No food no nothing. I Had just bought a ton of supplys for my base and I do not Wish to die.
    Icecreamcow might know of this...
  5. Some people have been known to lock their chests and add the name of a staff member to give the impression to griefers that if they do anything bad in the surrounding area, that someone powerful will take it personally.
  6. ICC's name is first, looks like he locked it?
  7. I do that. :rolleyes:
  8. The other player was last seen over 100 days ago.
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  9. Maybe IcecreamCow adds random people to his lock signs to make THEM look important
  10. Good point.
  11. Bump Im in an ocean on my boat. I have no food and im Lost. Live map isnt working. S.O.S
  12. Wait until tomorrow. I will come on and go to you using live map(which is not broken) and get u some supplies. Only costs 100k. :D

    (JK about the cost. :p)
  13. Live map is working. Try doing "/map show" :)
  14. The live map isn't working for Me... I am on /map show also
  15. or use f3 ... for coordinates :)
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  16. Rei's Minimal is a live saver.
    EDIT: *life