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  1. I'm looking to put together my own resource pack. Mostly images from other packs or maybe some custom ones, and I was wondering about something.

    For villagers, Is it possible for each profession to have their own look? Specifically the Brown Robe, Black Apron and White Apron villagers as they have more then 1 profession within them. There are 11 different professions and I wanted to have a different image for each one. Now when I open the default textures for villagers there are only images are:

    Is there a way to set a different skin for each of the 11 professions or am I stuck with only being able to change the 5 from above?

    Also if possible to change for each of the 11 professions, does the baby version need it's own as well or does the baby use the same model?
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  2. yes plz help also I want this pack when ur done :)
  3. you can make many different skins for each mob, but only 1 will show up unless the player or you has the different mob feature selected in your settings
  4. I'm assuming this is the setting your talking about:

    Seems I've already had it on. So would I need to make a .png file with all 11 profession names and it will know which to use?
  5. i think that should work, or you might have to settle for multiple librarian.png files and the professions liek that. not entirely sure
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  6. OK will give it a shot. Thanks.
  7. No, I think you're limited to the same number of textures as the default. The random mobs setting will allow you to put variation within each texture, but not in a way correlated with a specific profession. I could be wrong.
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  8. So I tested it out. Just used the farmer group to start off and it doesn't seem to differentiate between the different professions. Hopefully there is another way?
  9. librarian.png
    and so on.
    try that.. not sure if it will work, but its worth a try
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  10. I think potato is correct. also message me if you need a hand! i created my own , maybe you remember the hype for it aha.
  11. Didn't work unfortunately. Thanks though.
  12. What about librarian_1

    Otherwise you could use optifines randomobs
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