[Help!] Raspberry Pi, should I get one?

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should I get one? :P

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  1. Hi EMC, I was wondering whether to get a micro computer for christmas and make a cool mini computer. If anyone knows about theses please tell me what you think.
    Thanks :)
  2. It depends on the price really, but if you are ok with the price, then by all means get one!
  3. Get one. It's worth the $20 or whatever it is :p
  4. You will need to know how to code,setup it up and buy extra things for it(Sd card,power supplies,etc.)
  5. I have been thinking about getting one too, as strange as it sounds though, to run midi effects on a guitar petal board (if anyone knows what that means :p) I was wondering about it as well, what type of code do you have to learn, what are the possibility of putting a usb sound card on it, and how fast can it run :)
  6. All you need to know are some basic console commands, and how to download linux. You're fine after that. If you want to make some effective applications for it, learn Ruby, which is simple.
  7. A Raspberry Pi costs £30. You can also raise your spending price to £50 and get a starter kit. Seeing as they are basically tiny computers you can program to your liking, and they're cheapish (I say cheapish meaning they're not worth much, and they are overpriced, but they're still cheap :p) too, I say go for it.
  8. It does take doe,I was thinking about getting about 4 months ago...
  9. Actually, you can use one without knowing any code at all. You just need to setup a Linux installation. They're designed to be easy to use and be used a stepping stone for real coding. Also, you don't need any extra parts. It will run fine by itself, but the parts only enhance your experience.

    Eww. Ruby.
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