[HELP] Random Grief?

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  1. So I hired 2 workers to help me place to my flooring and after giving out the share I turn around finding my walls half griefed. Both workers claim to be innocent and I completley respect that.

    Here are some pics...

    2013-01-09_20.52.18.png 2013-01-09_20.52.41.png

  2. If they were the only to have perms, at least one of them is lying.
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  3. This can always happen when you give build perms, and you got a auto-warning when you gave them perms.

    I don't think staff can do anything about this grief since you get warned right away when you give perms
  4. Wow that's a lot of damage done there.
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  5. Most of the damage has been fixed and both workers build flag has been removed.
  6. It happened to a friend, all the walls of a room went missing, the guy with perms claimed to be innocent though, but its was just stone bricks :p
  7. Ahhh! Blame it on the creepers!
  8. Aikar* :p
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  9. Noo, if I do that I wil get banned :(
  10. sad day my friend you cant get help when... YOU WERE WARNED!
  11. killerzone, I think you're asuming too much, he is just asking for opinion, advice and perhaps experiences of others.

    MineMeetsRoblox, people can, and do give and/or get help despite of any and all warnings.

    You need to think twice, better three times before giving permissions,
    but without giving permissions you won't be able to build / play together with others in the town.

    My advice: don't hire those 2 any more, find better "workers".
    Perhaps one of them is just a kid without clue...
    Repairing that damage will take you few minutes :)

    I've lost stuff worth about 10k in similar incidents, but it was worth that price overall.
    (Another 20k loss was due to a nether star that went missing (it was in a frame),
    well, that was a sad thing...)

    Advice: don't forget to remove permissions as soon as they are not needed any more...
  12. Well...I Don't see The Damage :O
  13. Read the posts...

  14. Jeez calm yourself