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  1. I don't like to ask people for help, but this time I need it. Today porphyrian and I decided to kill a wither. I shot it with my power 5 bow several times and it only did a few hearts of damage. He and I then died loosing 20 diamonds worth of armor and the wither just disappeared. This loss has crippled me really badly, and on my home server, I am currently 20,000 blocks away from central spawn, so I won't be able to sell anything to fix this at the current time. Donations would be appreciated in this hard time. Any small donations can help. I am sorry for bothering you.:oops: Thank you!:)

  2. Just asking, how do we donate to you when you are 20k blocks out. Obviously we aren't gonna run out there and rupees would do no good since you're far out.
  3. I can still use my vault on other servers and have friends on smp4 that can help me to move things around
  4. You can't open your vault in the wild ^.^
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  5. I don't need to. I can give the stuff to my friends to transport to smp4
  6. Nether travel :p only 2.5k blocks...
  7. If you just break your bed and die you will probably spawn back in town
  8. that is what I am working on right now, but it will take me awhile
    It takes forever to get out there and I need to do a lot of work to do out there
  9. you cant kill a wither with a bow
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  10. what?!?!?!? I've done it before on SP
  11. they get projectile protection like 10 after half health thats why they drop down

    i mean its possible i guess, but they will likely heal faster than you can damage them
  12. I shot at him when he had blown up and began shooting. What the heck? It does take damage during that time I know for sure.
  13. it does but like i said, they have projectile resistance after half health and their wither skulls heal them so unless you are putting out alot of damage you will die before they will.
  14. this was before