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  1. im stuck in the wilderness and i dont know how to get out :(
  2. Use the live map when your lost in the wild. You click on the servers tab and then choose the server your lost in.
  3. use live map on the website :) go to servers then click on the server your on then click live map and find yourself on live map and use it to guide your way back to wilderness spawn
  4. I was going to tell you to use the live map.. but I think everyone else has got this under control. Just to add to their helpful suggestions, you can find your name in the bar down the side and click on it. It will take the map to your location, then you can zoom out to see how far away from spawn you are. As soon as you get back in the protected spawn area, you can use /home or /town to get out.
  5. Oh and don't do /res unstuck in the Protected Spawn. You'll regret it.
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  6. Now he's gonna be curios and do it...
    Don't do it. You WILL die and will probably lose all your stuff.