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  1. This is my first thread, sorry if it's in the wrong area. I'm just wondering if when it says this message. "Sorry you can only be connected to one EMC server at a time." What does that mean exactly? also, for my home server, Smp8, it says this... "Can't reach server".

    So, I'm completely confused, and out of ideas to fix it. I tried restarting my computer, waiting an hour or so, and now I'm just sick of it! So I'm looking for help, anyone please? Some information on this issue :(.

    I just waited it out, on trying to connect to Smp8 and this is what it said as well.

    "Connection lost

    End of stream"
  2. Sounds like 8 is having some issues and it's still reading you as online. Just give it a bit to be sorted out by the Admins/Alert staff and let them know.
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  3. Smp4 had the exact same issue yesterday. It was fixed, however, so 8 will probably be up and running again soon.
  4. Oh, so smp8 is messed up for you I'm assuming as well? If so I think I know what the problem is then.
  5. I guess all I can do is just wait, and keep trying. Thanks for the info.
  6. u need to wait and when u see [Empire Minecraft] SMP 8
  7. Yes, it's telling me Can't Reach Server. Probably just a hiccup. :) It will be sorted though.
  8. Quick question, so I know if I'm understanding all of this correctly.

    Basically, the server was running, and out of nowhere it "crashes" and I ended up getting stuck/lagged out, in the server. Which then didn't allow me to access any other server, due to the rule of only being able to log in to one server on EMC at a time.

    So, the end result, if this happened, but I didn't get stuck/lagged out, in the server. I would be able to log into Smp9? for example.

    If so, alright and thanks for the info. :)
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  9. Yes, Exactly. This happens sometimes.

    I've been on when a friend even lost net for a few seconds due to a storm and it kicked him off but signed him back in and he was stuck so he had to be kicked.

    It also happens when the server crashes. Not sure why that's been happening a lot lately (someone mentioned SMP4 and I think 9 has brainfarts all the time, not as much as it used to.)
  10. I see, well I'm back online! Woot! Thanks again anyways for the information. It's useful :), someone can lock this? Or I don't know leave it alone :p. :) Ty
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  11. SMP8 is breaking down again. Same issues of getting kicked with "timeout" errors, and not being able to join any other SMP because EMC still believes I'm on 8. Pretty sure this is happening across the board for all players right now.
  12. *looks at smp8 :confused: taps foot..... looks at watch...... any time now:mad:

    Whats up with this happening more often?
  13. xD Tats why im on Smp2