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  1. ok so im trying to make a massive farm but i cant place water? and its my own plot of land?
    ive given toheres the bucket flag but still it glitches....

    Also How do you give permissions for ur 2nd res?
  2. Giving permissions is the same on every lot, even on your own second and third one.
    What is your smp/lot number and ill come by to have a look if you still need assistance.
  3. smp2 lot 3352 thanks :)
  4. First you gotta own a 2nd res ;)

    and thats by becoming a supporter gold or above

    But in either case.. 1st, 2nd or 3rd res... its the same command /res pset [name] [flag] [true:remove] standing on the actual res u giving permissions in
  5. my cousins are both gold supporters :p
  6. If your placing it on the edge of your lot on one of the blocks that outlines it, it won't let you place it. Use a block within your lot as the reference if this is the problem.
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  7. It is important to note that if you do a global -bucket that it will stop you from using buckets on your residence as well, as you do not have a +bucket but rather a +build which can be overridden by a -bucket flag. :)

    Simple solution: "/res default"
  8. quite the explanation there Crazy...

    Couldnt have said it better... perhaps simpler :cool: