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  1. Ok so I randomly lost half a heart at my base in the wild.. No monsters, fall damege, ect. after about two minutes it hurt me down to three hearts until I disconnected, now when I reconnect Im stuck inside the world and my pick doesn't break the block my head is in
  2. Now I'm both drowning AND in blocks...... 2012-08-07_22.30.02.png
  3. Try digging down. Do you have anybody at your base? Try finding a friend to help u..
  4. Ive dug... maybe 5 blocks around me everywhere, and there's nothing they could do...
  5. Tarts in 7 hours?! That's what it says to me :p

    Btw r u on the server xD I'm almost there...
  6. Ouch... Just hope the slender man doesnt find u :p
  7. :(
  8. There's some dude named Herobrine, It would a shame to meet him like I did.... 2012-08-07_06.47.16.png
  9. Looks like you're in the water and drowning. I see you have some fencing. If you can place it, you may be able to breathe, then you can find a way out of whatever you've gotten yourself into, or at least have time to open the debug console to see your coords.
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  10. thanks, ill try that
  11. 2012-08-07_22.39.23.png
    Heres a picture I got of my debug console
  12. oh yeah, ctf?
  13. If you can place those two fence posts one on top of the other, you should be able to breathe.
  14. Yes