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  1. Hello all
    i have a English project to do (no this is NOT a post asking people to do it for me -.-) but it has to be on a court case and i cant seem to find one thats not popular like Casey Anthony or Oj i have searched and searched so im asking if anyone knows about a lawsuit case i could use and find a good bit of info on? or what to search for in google, ive tried everything it cant be something realllly popular either it has to be from atleast 2000 :S any help would be greatly appreciated :D
  2. You could use the Nuremberg Trials, but those are after WW2.
  3. Yeah she said that would be too late the latest would be 2000 but thank you :)
  4. Batman the dark night rises shooting would be a good court case to do it on.
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  5. Oscar pistorious murdering his wife is a good one
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  6. Call your county or local courthouse. Mine has court transcripts and a court calendar available online. You didn't post your project requirements. Does it have to be a particular type of case? Do you need to attend one?

    Here is the calendar for a decent sized city near me:

    If you check the bottom of the page here, you'll see that you can get case documents and transcripts for a fee:

    Make sure you let them know you are a student. You may be able to get any fees waived as well as other help.
  7. Thanks :D

    You are all very helpful thank you all :D