[HELP] Paper Villager got a ninth trade?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by MakeAmericaGreat, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. I just made a inf villager on my and got a paper villager. But on the ninth trade a Written book trade showed up.
    Isn't Paper villagers maxed to 8 trades? I am so confused.
    Second: 2014-06-01_22.08.47.png
    Third: 2014-06-01_22.08.48.png
    Forth: 2014-06-01_22.08.49.png
    Fifth 2014-06-01_22.08.50.png
    Sixth 2014-06-01_22.08.51.png
    Seventh 2014-06-01_22.08.52.png
    Eighth: 2014-06-01_22.08.53.png
    Ninth?: 2014-06-01_22.08.54.png
  2. Librarian Villagers have 9 trades, just most people don't count the gold trade in that, that's probably why you thought 8 was the normal limit
  3. So is it still infinite?
  4. and infinite written book for emerald yes.. Not infinite paper trade
  5. Aww... Guess it's time to start a cow farm :p maybe switch the smp5 /v +wm to /v +cowm