(Help) Novo Wallpaper thing?

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  1. Hello me again Im looking for someone who can help me with the Nova Wallpaper thing that most people have as there avator. Ill pay 200r for who ever helps. Putting sombody's Skin into the steve skin Isnt working for some reson -.- I would Like the one where your are laying on the bed. Of course my Skin Please. Thanks
  2. the names are very case sensitive on novo
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  3. Okay, follow these steps:
    1. Go to http://minecraft.novaskin.me/wallpapers
    2. Click the picture of the bed
    3. Where it says 'or search' - Click that area
    4. Type in (i'm assuming your) minecraft name
    5. To the right - click the button with the head and arrow facing downwards
    6. There should be an option that says 'search for this player skin in minecraft.net' - Click that
    7. Scroll down - select screen size
    8. Download the picture
    9. Open Picture using editing software - Crop image down to size (about 200x200 - 400x400 should do) - Save it
    10. Upload as Avatar
    And there you should have it :)
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  4. Ok Thanks Ill try that :D
  5. Alrght its really not working Like I know how to do it but for some reson when I press The Upload from Mc Button Nothing Happens :(
  6. There you go

    Link: http://imgur.com/YrshNzv
    Edit: Now just save the image, crop it as you wish (shouldn't be too hard) and upload it :)
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