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Single Player Commands.

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  1. I Am working on an underground farm on SMP4 9185 and am looking for volunteers to dig. I will pay 20r per stack of dirt. I supply the shovels. only accepting first applicants. reply here.
  2. 20r per stack is ALOT... When I hired people I did like 40-50ish for a double chest full.
  3. If you are going to keep that price me and pascal1881 would be interested :)
  4. I can do some
  5. my friend arno did once for 50r /stack with own shovels :p
  6. You're hired! Contact me and you can have the job!
  7. What's the poll for? :)
  8. Can i come i need the money
    How will you know who mined which dirt
  9. id like to sign up! count me in :)
  10. the job is done. I don't need any more help.
  11. 20r per stack is like 250 rupees for 1 diamond :D