[HELP NEEDED] Gold Farm Building

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  1. Looking for someone who has tips for creating a gold farm.

    PM if interested.
  2. I will confirm this is for the East Wild Nations,on behalf of the Second New Republic which is helping create this.
  3. So, we're building this for you?

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  4. The farm is being built with the intention of supplying the populace of SMP9's Wilderness Frontier with Gold Ingots.

    If agreed by everyone in the frontier; I'd like the farm to be accessible to all players. There is plenty of room for discussion though
  5. Want me to define behalf?
    I was speaking on behalf of the Second New Republic,confirming that this was for the East Wild Nations.
  6. Yes, I get that. But, what you actually said, was:

    This is for the East Wild Nations, but it is being supplied to them by the second NR.
  7. i can help ya make one, or give advice
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  8. I am not sure if my info is outdated or if I am plain out wrong but, are pigmen farms in 1.8 broken or will no longer work?
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  9. But I said we are HELPING...
    Everyone else I THINK is also helping...
  10. Ehh,all we need to do is make sure their Swords don't reach us.
  11. Thanks, much appreciated!

    We will need to find this out before building or it would be a massive waste!
  12. But if the gold farm will work, I can donate hoppers from my "failed" gold farms.
  13. i thought that mobs needed to be killed by players but that might have changed im not quite sure
  14. Best quote ever xD
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  15. Correction: Read the rest.