Help Myself and Others Find Songs

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  1. Hey, figured that I might make a thread for people who need to find the name of a song they hear in a YouTube video or wherever. Let's face it, when we hear a song we like and don't know the name, we go a little crazy.

    Here's the criteria:
    -YouTube video link (if applicable, and please specify the time)
    -Partial song lyrics (if applicable)
    -Anything else that may be relevant to finding out the song

    For example:
    The time that the song plays is roughly at 2:30-2:33
    It's an acoustic/electric guitar
    Rather faint in the background

    So, if you want a song found, let's band together and figure it out. Also, I do want the song name from that video, if anyone could help. ;)

    Update: Found the song, it's "Every Breath You Take" by The Police
    Let's keep the ball rolling
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