HELP! My spawner exploded.

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  1. 422 zombies under this floor and I can't get near them.

    Someone help!
  2. Pour lava down there
  3. 422?!? ur supposed to kill at 100-150!
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  4. * calls cops *
    pig: We have a code 19!
    Cop: What the helicopter is that?
  5. Yeah, I had to get up from the computer for something urgent and I didn't come back for about 20 minutes.
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  6. Go away and they'll despawn.
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  7. How far away, I'm standing right outside the perimeter where they 'load' into my entity count, and every time I check it (for about the past half-hour) it still spikes just as high as it did before.

    I've logged on to different servers/moved away but it's still PC-cripplingly high.
  8. Go about 1k away from it.
  9. the server is only supposed to even bother simulating chunks within 16 chunks of an active player.
  10. Unfortunately despawning of mobs does not occur. You will have to find a way to kill them, or beg ICC to reset the mobs on that server, or wait till the server has a restart.
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  11. Disconnect for ages and then come back

  12. Is your signature ever gonna be done?
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  13. It's.... it's coming along. Professional signatures done in Paint take some time.

  14. Lol
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  15. Haha professional in paint?;)
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  16. Ahh... I use gimp ;)
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  17. I've got it designed already, mentally.

    The only problem is getting it to look that way on paper/computer screen.

    "Circles are nice" "Dafuq is this oval??"
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  18. *this is very off-topic*
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  19. 1. You should have armor on.
    2. Go in there and fight them with a diamond sword, only 3 can smother you at once and 3 zombies don't cause much harm if you can keep them all back one at a time.
  20. Just ask a diamond supporter for a piece of TNT
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