Help! My cat bitten by Brown Snake!!!

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  1. Hello EMC, I need possibly a VET or something along those lines. Our cat (Australia) Has just been bitten by a Snake, we believe sometime yesterday, she has just been laying down, and we have put a blanket on her and kept her warm, she is paralysed (Looks like it at least). We have just given her some water in the eye dropper / syringe. We cannot take her to the Vets, its after 6pm, and we just don't have the money for the Anti-Venim.

    please help us on what we should do to help her, and hopefully get a recovery.
    It was a brown Snake
    SHE HAS survived a snake bite we believe before.
  2. Most brown snake bites cause blood clotting, keep your cat as still as possible and if no vets are open, give them a call, no response, phone the hospital and see what they can do.
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  3. Yeah, we have kept ours sleeping under a blanket, mum doesnt want to take her to Vets cause it will cost to much Money for the AntiVenim, I might try calling them up and asking what we could do thoiugh
  4. Take your cat to an after hours vet or an animal hospital. You'll have to get the Anti-Venom or it's likely that your cat will die.

    I'm sorry about what has happened. :(
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  5. Maybe AntVenom could add an "i" to his name and help you?[/badpun]

    In all seriousness, probably the vet is your only chance. Maybe the hospital could do something besides anti-venom, call them and see what they say?
  6. We are taking her to the Vet now, see what happens
  7. Good luck. I hope your pet is okay.
  8. Well you're cat was unlucky to the vet. I'm glad l don't live there with all those snakes :(
  9. If you don't get the right type, or any, anti-venom, your cat will die.

    And since it's been six hours, prepare for the worst. Brown Snakes cause blood clotting that takes effect immediately, and also paralyses within minutes. Animals will usually die in under an hour.

    Sorry to be pessimistic :( Good luck. Just tell yourself "She/he WILL make it through this".

    (Also, do you have pet insurance? In places like Australia, I believe it's a legal requirement for them to cover anti-venom.)
  10. With all due respect, I highly doubt anyone on the forums is a vet or can even give reputable medical advice. Search online for what to do and only source your info from reputable vet/animal sites! Obviously the simple thing to do would be to take it to the vets, but if that's not possible then I guess you can get help from the Internet.

    Good luck and I hope you cat gets better! :)
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  11. Not going to lie, but don't discredit the forums. I know you're only 15 but not everyone that plays games hides in a dungeon eating cheese doodles all day.
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  12. well, i'm not a fully licensed vet, but i have gone through 4 years of college for it, as well as been working as a veterinary technician, what you need to do is try to identify the type of snake as CLOSELY AS POSSIBLE, because the vet will need to know, and with that much time elapsed since the bite, the cat needs antivenom soon or it could be fatal... i know vets are kind of pricy, but if i were in that situation, i would starve for a week if that food money would save my pet.
  13. Ours has been alive for 28ish hours now :) So its going good hopefully.
  14. It was a Brown Snake :p We know that, yeah I am willing to pay, but it is really pricey for the AntiVenim, so Mum isn't going to get that, but that might be ok, she has survived once before with even going to the Vet
  15. also just noticed the advertisement at the bottom of the screen is "Cat Constipation Help" kinda made me chuckle :p
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  16. Actually, AntVenom had a channel called AntiVenom before he had AntVenom.

    But I all seriousness, probably the vet is your only chance. Maybe the hospital could do something besides anti-venom, call them and see what they say?
  17. I'm not trying to discredit the forums at all :p What I am saying is that you are more likely to find good accurate reputable information on vet/animal websites than on EMC forums because that vet/animal website is dedicated to that kind of stuff like EMC is dedicated to Minecraft. I'm not saying that what people have replied isn't true and helpful because it probably is, but if he would like to look into it further then I would suggest going to a dedicated animal website. :)
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  18. Not going to lie, but he didn't discredit the forums at all.
    How old is s/he? :3