[Help] My Baby sheep!

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  1. So earlier today i bought 100 sheep eggs... had a entcount on my second res of 0... come back five mins... instead of my 100 sheep being there.... there is 66 :( my sheep dissapeared!
  2. This seems to be a reoccurring problem that I believe will be fixed in the next update.
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  3. I believe this is a problem with mojang not EMC There is nothing they can do about it but wait till the next update.
  4. Sheep used to die if you dint sit next to them and watch them grow up, Ie: if you un egged a sheep then ported away when you come back they would die.

    Not sure if that still happens but that might be what happened :/
  5. ...You bought 100 sheep eggs..... Interesting.

    Seems like a lag issue to me, though. :/
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  6. I had 4 kittehs die to this tonight :( I really hope this gets fixed in 1.6
  7. Um.... now it is 55 :mad:.... and no... i need about 10 dc of white wool :p
  8. Anyone else getting that glitch where entities can walk through fences? Keep Losing animals :mad:
  9. Same :(
  10. My favorite trick to keep my animals in place is line the outsides of the walls with water. Keeps them from suffocating in walls or walking through fences.
  11. Public wool farm and buy the Wool from mega malls
  12. na.. i fixed it :p