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  1. Momentus & Marlix Help

    So, you're working on your Wild Outpost, and all of a sudden, "You sense an eerie presence...". Or, maybe, you're out mining/caving, and "You feel the ground shake beneath you...". Clearly, a Mob Boss has just spawned within a very small radius of you. Perhaps, you are stranded out by yourself and have no way to get to the safe spawn because Momentus is blocking the way, and you are not prepared to defeat him.

    So how do you get yourself out of this predicament? Simple! You just fill out the short questionnaire below, and [hopefully] someone will come to your rescue.

    I have created this Thread for those people that are not as PvE savvy as others. Assuming you are not 100,000 blocks out, this should be an easy way to find someone to come help you defeat the Boss that is pestering you. The Thread is designed for players to help players. This means, anyone can help anyone...there is no designated person to help you. Also, this should keep players from having to post a whole thread to find help.

    If you are in need of some help, just fill out the Questions below, so the player who is coming to help you will know where to locate you at, as well as other information. :)

    Simple Questionnaire
    What server is the boss on?
    Wastelands or Frontier?
    General Coordinates of the Boss?
    Any other information that might be helpful?
  2. This is really good, hopefully this will help a lot of unequipped or new players. :)
  3. Is there any specific strategy to kill a Marlix?
  4. Your best bet is to hit him a few times with some arrows (preferably with a good bow...i.e. - Power IV+), and after he takes some damage, he should begin to fly downward. At this point, move close to him and just whack him with your sword until he dies. :)
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  5. try and lure him into a small room then go nuts with a sword he will die in like 4 hits from a well placed god sword hit. problem is getting him to follow you
  6. Well I have never seen a Marlix or a Momentus, so, I should be good. :p
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  7. I just had the eerie presence text on my screen im terrified... not prepared at all!

    What server is the boss on? smp4

    Wastelands or Frontier? wastelands
    General Coordinates of the Boss? msg me in game and ill tel you
    Any other information that might be helpful? for the love of god save the children!
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  8. I just had another errie presence text!!! im terrified again.... smp4 wastelands... come online and ill show u!!
  9. In the wiki, it says Marlix has something that appears in the chat: "You sense an eerie presence." The first time I was all alone and I saw that appear, I got jumped and got so scared. On Momentus' page though, it doesn't say anything. But on here, it says "You feel the ground shake beneath you..." I'll keep that in mind because I've been hunting Momentus lately. Whenever I reach this one point in the wastelands...I get too scared and turn back.
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  10. What?! You feel the ground shake beneath you? Well, good luck! :p
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  11. Uhm no, he means that's the text that shows up when it happens. He didn't find one :p
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  12. She* and the fact she was near one. It's scary these days in the wild.
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  13. I keep forgetting Panda is a she :p sorry panda

    Also I couldn't tell by the way it was worded, if Panda did get to one goodluck with it ^_^
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  14. She wouldn't have made it out alive. She's home now!
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  15. Whenever I am not looking for Momentus, I stumble upon him. So I should really not be hunting him anymore.
    And no, I never found one, I was just referring to the wiki, since there is no spawn section for Momentus. :(
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  16. Thanks, I feel encouraged to actually fight one alone...(she's right though, I felt noobish the first time I tried to fight one)

  17. Seriously! Someone can't possibly take down Momentus on their own these days!
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  18. If you WANT to find one, go to an undestroyed desert in the wastelands. I got tripple teamed. 2 momentus and 1 marlix. :p

    Also, do not try this at home, kids. I had prot 4 diamond armour and a god sword + bow.
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  19. Voter's Block :p
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  20. Um what does that have to do with it :p