[HELP] Mods!

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  1. I want to play a bit of SSP with a few mods but there's some problems :/


    New problem: It still allows me to play and all but there are some textures from the minecolony mod that don't show. I suppose that's what's causing the mismatch, any way to fix?

  2. I would recommend downloading Magic Launcher, it is a easy way to install and configure all your mods =)
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  3. I don't believe EMC works on clients below 1.7

    EDIT: Didn't see the "SSP" :p
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  4. SSP - Survival SINGLE Player
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  5. just put the Optifine jar in the mods folder, works like a charm :)
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  6. Thanks! Did it and it worked.
    New Problem now...
  7. You can use it if you want, its just a recommendation :p
  8. I just took off TMI and the textures are fixed.... The thing is that I still get the missmatch but the game still works, won't die xD
  9. Fixed everything! May close thread