Help! Might loose the statues!

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  1. So I am getting rid of my gold membership and I have my mod statues on my second lot! You guys might of seen or heard of them but I really don't want them to go away! How could I keep them?
  2. You can tell them which lot you want to keep:)
  3. Good Idea!
  4. I didn't think you lost the lots you owned if you cancel your membership. I thought you kept them...I know I have. Am I mistaken?
  5. I've seen people whom keep their second res until there's space needed. (When every res fills up and they start to empty 'em)
  6. As of Right now. you don't lose your residences when you cancel your Gold/Diamond Supporting.
  7. They are making a plugin to get rid of derelict supporter residences, so yes, ex-supporters will be losing the extra res's. A derelict supporter res is one that isnt paid for, so you must support to keep any extra res's.
  8. I see. Sorry for not knowing sooner.
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  9. But they won't just delete your residence without a warning - so you should be ok for now.
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  10. It isnt front page news, you have to really stalk Aikar to see what going on:p
    Yeah, forgot to put that in my post:oops:
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  11. Please don't spam other threads with that...
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  12. Okay :(
    I said:
    Yeah but i think it'll be hard for Max to delete a statue of a shoe . lol . So start planning :p
  13. Hopefully they will consider having that a permanent Res for statues
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  14. I would love that.. Lol
  15. It's all better; I asked Justinguy and he explained it better too me:D
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