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  1. My friend cannot join due to a 'glitch' where when joining the website, it says 'Cannot verify Account'
    Please Help :mad:
  2. Make sure if he/she has a Mojang account you enter the username not the email ;) This is a common issue...
    All the Minecraft services are online so it must be either you or EMC ;)
  3. What's their username?
  4. Actually, it's the opposite. He'll want to use his username and not the e-mail. Also, make sure the caps is correct. For example if the username is:


    He can't type it as:


    Finally, have him use the code by trying to join one of the servers and make sure the code he gets is ALSO the same caps as it shows him.
  5. Not sure if this is an actual bug or what, but when done using the exact same details but using the verification code, it works fine. Thanks for the help :)
  6. I don't think that it's a bug. Because Mojang accounts use your email and not a username you have to get the verification code from joining the server so that your account can be linked to the game database and so they know it's you. It has a good side effect, spam bots can't register and there is no need for CAPTCHA.
  7. hm...
    what he said XD
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  8. Okay thanks, I wasn't sure because when I registered on EMC there were no Mojang accounts :p Or I wasn't aware...
    Anyways thanks for the clarification, I suppose it makes more sense that way ;)I fixed my post up so other viewers will see correct information :D