Help meh.

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  1. I just got out of a pretty bad breakup.
    Any suggestions? I can't really get over it. :confused:
  2. Simple. More EMC.
  3. Fair point!
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  4. Try doing something else to get your mind off of it. Talk with a friend, maybe that'll work. My friend recently was down in the dumps after something similar happened, I use similar because he wasn't really in a relationship with her, but anyway I pretty much talked with him for like, 2-3 hours and that totally got his mind off of it, and he even fixed it and made up with her.
  5. I will try to make this simple.

    He broke up with his girlfriend, and it didn't go well.

    Well, implying you didn't neglect your friends during this, go hang out with them.
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  6. Mhm just like that girl that that hit in the face durring kickball at gym class tat i kinda liked...
  7. I didn't.
    But I'm not usually the kind of guy to bare my soul to people in talking to them.
    Especially since the only friend I can really hang out with is, well I'll just call him "Drake"; not the rapper, the guy from Drake and Josh.
    Essentially meaning he's insensitive.
  8. Try going on the EMC Mumble. There are really nice people there.
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  9. Yes. Haha everyone there is always happy and nice :)
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  10. Watch the video down below. Maybe some comedy will help, especially the one below. Don't pay attention to the title of the video. This is not an attack on women its just the truth xD.
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  11. I just plug in my headphones and close my eyes everything goes away after that...
  12. Sounds about right
  13. Fried chicken, and lots of it. But only eat the dark meat, that's the juicy stuff, the other stuff is dry and not worth spending time on. Chicken will make you feel better, especially if you just eat it while playing EMC or, even better, getting out in the world and meeting new people. Just go make more friends, spend time with loved ones, and try to build a relationship with someone new that will make you feel happy again. Just keep your chin held high and keep walking!
  14. You really like Fried Chicken don't you? xDD
  15. Well, who doesn't? Had some tonight, actually. :)
  16. Well, um.... Play Black Ops 2 Zombies and think the zombies are your hated enemies as you blast off their limbs.
  17. Chicken rolled!
  18. Pretty sure thats racist... :p