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  1. Ok, I was gonna use Luckypat's repairing service.
    I have played on another server before.
    Then, messages that were supposed to be on that other server popped up. Has anyone expirienced this?
  2. Can you post a screenshot of those messages? You shouldn't see messages from other servers while on EMC.
  3. Idk how too. (I'm not the best at this stuff) I pressed "Upload a file" and it took me to OneDrive, not to File Explorer.
  4. There will be a small arrow next to the word onedrive. Click that and choose my pc. You can also do it from the desktop and a file explorer windows should show up.
  5. OK, as you see here, the "Legend Gstar2003 has joined" thing shouldn't be there.
    Thanks jkrmnj for helping me do this. I hope this screenshot helps.

  6. Do you have any mods installed?
  7. Well, I know if I am on another server with a custom tablist sometimes it will say "Mineplex Network" or something on the tab even though I am on EMC. But this is very odd
  8. No. As I said, I 100% know it was from a third-party server.
  9. I believe this is totally client side though.
  10. He meant the mods could have glitched something.
  11. Make a convo with Aikar
  12. Try reinstalling minecraft. Just rename the minecraft folder to ".minecraftOld" and it will reinstall everything.
  13. It stopped happening now.
  14. Cool. Something must have just corrupted your minecraft game. If you want your single player worlds, just copy them from the renamed folder to the .minecraft folder.
  15. This has happened to me before. It's an error where packets aren't cleared when exiting a server, so they'll appear on the next server you join. It's a one-time bug and not a huge deal.