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  1. Hello EMC, I am here coming to you for help. I do not need help because I am in a bad position, but I need help because I have a great opportunity in front of me.

    I am applying to go away for a year of high school to New Zealand to learn about that side of the world and their culture. I currently live in New York, and this would be a huge thing for me. The program has a very long application process and this one part I need your help.

    How would your family and friends describe your personality?

    This is where you come in. I have been around 638 days and have met some amazing people, and I thank you for that. If anyone could PLEASE help me that would be major. I will use snippets of each people's responses. All you need to do is write a few sentences describing what you think about me.

    Thank you.
  2. If you don't want to write out on here, feel free to PM as well.
  3. I'd be a bit scared because I never left the us and we'll it depends why your going there and I know you said to learn Their culture but is it for a job, college, family, or even vacation. But it all depends on your comfort zone
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  4. i can pm you in game or on skype bruh
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  5. Would prefer if you do it on site. :)
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  6. I am not going for the high school experience, I am going for the experience of a life-time to study abroad and learn about a whole other culture.
  7. New Zealand culture, although it's western, is quite different from the culture in New York. You'll love it there, guaranteed.

    I don't know you too well personally, so I can't really comment on exactly what you're asking for.
  8. Bump
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  9. I think you have a bright and jovial personality. You are always cheerful and happy to see me. You are dedicated to what you believe in and have the kind of enthusiasm that will let you accomplish anything you want to do. (10,000 kills :rolleyes:)
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  10. i think uhhh you dont like bananas and your toenails smell like baking soda.
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  11. What is this!? Who doesn't like bananas!?
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