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Do any of you like me?

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  1. So, I was playing a map called Diversity
    Then I cheated (Which I usally do on maps, they have a cheat system, DANG IT.) I can never complete the map, and I wrote this message into the Minecraft Forums:
    So, you guys are the most helpful community, so, what should I do?
  2. So let me clear this up, you were playing on a server/SP world in which you cheated in. You then went onto MinecraftForums and wrote that message. You know once you've said something, it's there in black and white - your parents must have told you that! Some people who are depressed might take offence of that message. So what is it you need help with?
  3. Just saying, feeling that way for cheating is a bit harsh on yourself.
    You are epic. I've seen you on the forums, I like you, you're nice. The best of us cheat or do something we aren't proud of, that doesn't make a bad person, does it? Just keep trying, and maybe you can complete one out of your own determination.
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  4. So I don't seem to understand.. You cheated in a map, and you typed that you wanted to commit suicide? I'm confused..
  5. I don't like to lose, And I have a problem that I break down and get upset, and I thought I got rid of it.
    I'm feeling A LITTLE Better.
  6. Oh, well, I hope you feel better. I somewhat have the same problem, I suppose, so I guess I understand where you're coming from. ^_^

    Yeah, the owner is very helpful... (Sarcasm)

    I CAN NEVER TAKE A JOKE, so you guys decide if this is helpful
  8. Take #2, And I have EXTRA COPIES