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  1. Hello EMC, I know there are hundreds of tech geniuses on here, and I have a question for the whole of 'em. Malware. I have it, I hate it, and I can't do much with it. It keeps me from doing fun things (I barely got to here) I need help, anyone have this before? Please help me!
    1. Avoid clicking links in emails, even if it looks like it's from someone you know. They can take you to fake websites that install malware and steal your personal information (this is called "phishing").
    2. Avoid downloading ANYTHING unless it's from a trusted website. Be especially careful when downloading Minecraft mods. Many of these websites have banner ads that look like "Download" buttons, but aren't the real download button (adfly often has ads like these).
    3. Don't use IE (Internet Explorer). IE is known for being less secure than its competitors. Use Chrome or Firefox instead. Hackers attack IE the most because it's the most used browser in the world.
    4. Install a virus scanner. If you can't afford a commercial one, then download a free one (AVG is a good one).
    5. Keep your operating system and browser up to date. Firefox and Chrome automatically perform updates, so you don't have to do anything. Windows installs its updates when you shutdown your computer (it may or may not do this automatically, check your Control Panel settings). To update a Mac, click on the apple icon in the menu bar and select "Software Update".
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  2. What he said.
    Other than that, another good use for Chrome is when it shows when your computer downloads something. I've gone to a few websites, and thanks to Chrome I've stopped from downloading weird things.
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  3. I looked up 'Malware prot.' and found out after reading through a few Windows-partnered security systems to use TMAX, I may also try AVG
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  4. I love chrome, it's probably the only reason my computer isn't dead, thanks for the tips!
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  6. Beat me by milliseconds bob.

    MalwareBytes is free, easy to use, and has a good updated dictionary. It scans specifically for Malware very well, and does a good job on most major Viruses/Trojans as well. Good little program, and in my tech days, I recommended it often.
  7. I have used it for years.
  8. Thanks ISMOOCH and Bob!
  9. if you have windows go to control panel uninstall anything wierd then go to chrome and then unclick the malware and it should be gone :p :p ;P