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  1. So one day i was getting ready to play minecraft,Boom my account got hacked. I had a wonderful res and about 6000 some rupees. Could a admin get my stuff back please. Like give me all the perms on the res. Also try to get my rupees back. Hacked account name: epickid02.
  2. I'd start a pm with a mod or admin and ask for them to perm ban your other account until you can get it back. This way they can't do anything to your account on EMC cause they won't be able to get on.
  3. no one gets on my old account on emc bro
  4. They don't get on currently.

    Doesn't mean it's a bad idea to have the account banned to prevent it in the future.
  5. listen someone hacked to prevent me from getting on it you cant log into it
  6. Not saying I could. But there's nothing stopping the hacker.
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  7. epickid02 hasnt been on EMC for 159 days, and you are asking now to have all the perms and rupees? Not suspicious at all -_-
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  8. i am on my other account this is how i prove i am not lying.
  9. I've banned the account just in case. If you get access to the account again, we will unban you.

    I did see one strange login. Conveniently, it was the only login that matched both of your accounts IP Addresses. Send me a PM and I will do what I can to help.
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