help me

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Dkbay, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. I gang get on in 2 weeks so gamekribjeremy can lock my res ty please grad fast
  2. Are you saying that you will not be online for two weeks and to not remove your res? If so, send Jeremy or Justin a private message.
  3. I cant from mobile can one of u other tell him i dont have other ways to send this plz help me
  4. You are an Iron Supporter. Your residence should not be reset unless your subscription ends. :)
  5. Ends 24 this month but tell justin or jeremy plz
  6. Ps im just worried
  7. Even if your supporter status finishes on 24th, you will still have your 10 day policy after that. So it will me more like the 4th of next month before it would be added to the derelict list. I will send Jeremy a convo message for you anyway and ask him to hold it until 10th February for you.
  8. Ty ur awnsome shaun :D
  9. And a tech comes monday so might get riges so i can get back i love u i have been crying beacuse i couldnt be there with u :(