Help me please :(

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by boldbob, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. Hey guys everytime i try to join a server i get the "Internal exception: Connection reset" error i cant join any servers and when i can it kicks me after five minutes and gives me that error.?
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  2. I think this is down to the 1.2 update. Check the latest EMC news for more details :)
  3. Its because of the current updating (-: Its being worked on :D
  4. Thanks, hopefully it will work its self out... i miss minecraft :(
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  5. A like for you to cheer you up :D
  6. Try closing down the minecraft client and logging back in
  7. Yeah, that would probably work. Are you sure you have the right IP?
    Also, it could possibly be something with your internet. Try going online to some various websites.
  8. Yeah The best chance is your internet or if you are on wireless internet that there are no interference with other routers change the channel you use by going to you IP on your browser tab bar thing xD

    I use 13 average is 1-3 xD
  9. Yeah, I use 11. It helps.