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  1. I am at the end of the tut and i keep using /town but it doesnt work! Please help me.
  2. You should already be in Town.
  3. Try relogging, or do /v 1783
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  4. If /town doesn't work, try /spawn.
  5. I am at the red wool and glowstone and /v 1783 isnt working and im not in a town
  6. Cant
  7. You could try logging on to another server?
  8. Advertising your shop on a help thread? A bit low isn't it?
  9. *very*low
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  10. Type /v open. Make sure you hit enter before /

    If none of that helps, try logging and relogging. you are registered on the site, so you should have no problems. Town in EMC is not an actua town, so you may be confused at not seeing and real buildings.
  11. It was the first res that came to my mind, try /v random or even /v 1111
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  12. So many haters here...
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  13. Are you new to multiplayer minecraft?
    If so you might not be familiar with how to enter commands such as /town.
    Press 'T' this should bring up a chat box. Usually what you type here is said into the current chat channel but if the line starts with a / it is considered a command and will not be spoken. In the chat box type "/town" then enter, this should bring you out into town.
  14. Not helping in a help thread? Just stating your off topic opinion? If this player remembers his address, and goes to it right away when his problem is fixed, he could never make the mistake of buying from the Empire shop. I wish someone would have, basically, told me to never shop at the Empire shop.

    /End Rant.
    If you have finished the tutorial, maybe a mod can teleport to you to confirm that, then teleport you out if you are still having problems:)
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  15. this happened to me too!
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  18. I can confirm that they have answered all the tutorial question, but I can't teleport them out.
  19. Someone a while back had this problem- they just needed to exit and re-enter that last room
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